Heartland Travel Trailer

RV Dealer of Heartland Travel Trailers Unmatched quality, creative floor plans, and innovative design has let Heartland to become one of the most popular travel trailer manufacturers in the nation! Starting with their North Country, this Heartland Travel Trailer boasts an aerodynamic front profile, impeccable structural integrity (rafters are screwed, not stapled), expansive 7-foot ceiling height (and 6' 1" slide-out height), full-size furniture and more. And breaking the industry mold for innovative design in lightweight travel trailers is the Heartland North Trail. One of *the* strongest light weight trailers on the market, North Trail RVs boast 2" thick sidewalls, a laminated crowned roof, and 6-sided all-aluminum construction - plus the spacious floor plans you'd expect from any Heartland. The Heartland Sundance XLT is also a stand-out ligherweight RV, with all of the clean and spacious standards customers love in the standard Sundance - now in a light weight model. Browse all Heartland Travel Trailers on our site today, and take advantage of the unbeatable prices you can only get from Lakeshore RV.

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Wilderness 3175RE Travel Trailer floorplan
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